This Amazing Double Outhouse And Shower Tent Is A Must Have Camping Accessory!

The Outdoor Connection Outhouse is super handy for those looking for a bit of luxury in the bush.

If you’re starting to feel uncomfortable when it comes to dropping the strides behind a bush – this tent is for you. With the added privacy of two large rooms, using this tent will almost become the highlight of your trip.

The Outdoor Connection Double Outhouse’ provides separate shelter for both toilet and shower, all in the one package.

How many times have you been camping and thought ‘I could go for a quick rinse right about now!’. Well, with this bad boy, you can!

It’s best feature is a “Dryzone” on the shower side that creates a dry area for clothes behind a zippered plastic sheet. A sturdy steel and fiberglass frame creates a very strong and roomy structure when pegged out in full.

A PE floor keeps sand and dirt out, the toilet roll holder is waterproof, 2 mesh pockets keep soap and shampoo in place and a zippered inlet is provided for power.

Both sides are adequately ventilated through windows and a mesh top!

Another plus…this puppy is only $199.99! It is mainly sold in Australia as you can see here. However, there are other similar products here